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In the course of recent years, due to my work, I have often been called upon to give bike wellbeing introductions to a wide range of spectators from children to cops. When I offer introductions to kids, for the most part at a school get together, I will ordinarily break it into three sections. This initial segment is where I test the group of spectators to perceive what they know and right any misguided judgments.

I additionally clarify that head protectors and gloves are you last line of barrier against damage. Information and expertise are the essential lines of safeguard. On the off chance that I am conversing with grown-ups I suggest they take a course or discover a seminar on DVD like “Bicycling is More than Balance” If they don’t ride yet have children, regardless I prescribe they discover a course so they have the data, a thought of what abilities are required and how to show those aptitudes. The subsequent part is an introduction on head protectors and the third part is an age proper video. These three sections for the most part take around forty to forty-five minutes. The focal point of this article is the head protector exhibit.

The Lead up to the Demonstration

When remaining before a crowd of people to do my introduction on bike caps, the primary thing I approach the group of spectators is for a show of hands from the general population who think you need a head protector to ride a bike. My hand does not go up. You needn’t bother with a protective cap to ride a bike; you need it of fall. Your first line of barrier in anticipating wounds is being educated on safe riding methods and having the option to execute them.

Clarifying How a Brain is Injured

Without attempting to frighten the group of spectators I clarify what cerebrum harm implies. I clarify that you don’t have to air out your head to have mind harm and that all the more frequently cerebrum harm is little wound on the cerebrum. A ‘basic’ wound can keep you from tasting your preferred sustenance or seeing once more. The one actuality that astonishments most grown-ups is that a cut off knock on your head today can cause epilepsy sometime down the road. I will likewise recount to the account of my better half’s beautician. He acquired a bicycle from a companion and was riding on the walkway and for an obscure reason he fell and hit his head. A blood coagulation was expelled from his head the size of a grapefruit and he needed to relearn how to do things we as a whole underestimate like talking and holding utensils to eat. The purpose of this story isn’t startle individuals into wearing protective cap to demonstrate the standard reason of I don’t ride in the road or I don’t ride close vehicles. You can tumble off a bicycle whenever and you don’t should be in accident with a vehicle to require one. Now I show what befalls the head throughout the fall and at effect.

After a concise clarification that the cerebrum is bolstered by the spine and that it is encompassed by cerebral-spinal liquid; I request that the group of spectators envision that the protective cap I am holding speaks to a skull, my gripped clench hand is the mind and my arm is the spinal segment. I focus my clench hand in the cap and clarify that when an individual falls the skull and the mind move as one and if the head does not hit anything or daintily hits something the cerebrum is to some degree ensured by the liquid and all ought to be well. As I am clarifying this I am moving the protective cap with my clench hand focused in it descending. I at that point clarify that when your skull hits the asphalt it arrives at an unexpected stop be that as it may, the mind skimming in liquid continues moving until it hits within the skull, and if your head skips, the cerebrum can hit within the skull more than once. I bring up, that like the swells in a lake, the cerebral liquid in the skull will create swells which additionally hit the cerebrum and can make more harm the mind.

The Egg Drop Demonstration

Since you have gone over a portion of the points of interest of cerebrum harm and the group of spectators has a comprehension of how mind damage happens and acknowledges how effectively the mind can be harmed. I start the head protector show. I used to utilize a bike cap and a melon on the grounds that the melon is about a similar size and weight as a head I suspected this would be a sensible showing in any case, between the expense of the melon and supplanting protective caps that broke; it just got excessively costly. Presently I use eggs.

There are two sections to the show. Section one issued to exhibit a secured head and section two the unprotected head. For this you need the provisions recorded beneath.


  1. Three eggs (not hard bubbled)
  2. 1 box of styrofoam pressing peanuts or sand (clean without any stones or sticks)
  3. Paper
  4. Sharpie Marker ( discretionary)
  5. A table with a hard surface (discretionary)

Section one: The Protected Head

The physical set up is basic. Put paper on the ground and the crate of sand or pressing peanuts on the paper. Ensure enough paper stands out from under the crate to keep the floor clean case you miss the container when you drop the egg.

This part requires a little crowd interest. You demonstrate the crowd the egg to ensure there are no splits. You turn the egg to indicate it isn’t hard bubbled, If it wobbles its a crude egg. You may need them to look in the container to indicate them you are doing whatever it takes not to deceive them by concealing a second egg in the crate. On the off chance that your crowd is children request that they name the egg. While there hollering out names draw a face on the egg. With face drawn and your egg named you hold the egg at chest level and inquire as to whether you drop the egg in the container will it break. You at that point raise the egg ever more elevated until you can’t go any higher before you drop the egg into the sand. Ordinarily, I attempt to raise the a couple of feet past where the group of spectators supposes it will break. I have remained on a seat at the edge of stage and dropped the egg from ten or eleven feet high feet. Talking for a fact I can disclose to you this does significantly build your odds of missing the container or hitting the edge and gives you an extraordinary open door for some showy behavior about missing the crate and splattering the egg.

When you’ve dropped the egg, have individuals from your group of spectators check it for splits. in the event that the egg hasn’t split, you’ll use it again for the second piece of the exhibit. On the off chance that the egg has some little breaks set it aside and utilize a crisp egg for the following part.

Section Two: The Unprotected Head

For this part, expel the case and simply leave the paper on the floor or in the event that you have a table put the paper on the table and use it for the showing. This will make it simpler for the group of spectators to see the drop. Hold the egg over your head and inquire as to whether you drop the egg on the table or floor will it break. You keep on posing this inquiry as you lower it closer to the hard surface. When you are around six crawls from the floor the appropriate responses will be blended. Continue bringing down the egg to around four or five inches and afterward drop it. The egg will split. here and there it will scratch or it might even part separated. By and by request that the crowd investigate the harmed egg. Contrast the substance of the case with wearing a bicycle protective cap. The sand or styrofoam scatters the vitality from the drop all through the sand simply like the styrofoam of a protective cap. On the off chance that the primary egg broke think about how well the sand or styrofoam shielded the egg from the tallness you dropped it to how effectively the other egg effectively harmed from just four inches.

Now I unavoidably get an inquiry concerning why grown-ups don’t wear bike head protectors. The main I answer I can give is that a few times grown-ups don’t settle on the best choices.

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