Bicycling in China, Where to Start?

Where to begin when you consider riding a bike in China? A few things must be considered. Everyone needs a visa and regardless of whether you have a month legitimate visa, you can expand it just twice, so your complete time is 3 months. A 6-or even a year visa is accessible in Hong Kong however. Further you need to think about the climate circumstance. Winter in the north isn’t prescribe for cycling. Be that as it may, June in the south can be extremely wet. This article discusses a few regions, prescribed for run of the mill cycling reasons.

Things being what they are, on the off chance that you would need to begin riding a bike, where might you begin? The best thing, with a nation like China is that you have such huge numbers of decisions. In any case, there are a few regions where cycling is additionally fascinating then different zones. Cycling Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai isn’t prescribed however not self-destructive as some case. By and by I don’t care for cycling in huge urban communities. What about cycling in Tibet? Conceivable however you need additional time per separate as you are going on elevation over 3500 meter. What’s more, with kids, gee.. I would surely not begin in Tibet.

BEIJING, CHINA – MARCH 29: Chinese commuters ride bike share through Tiananmen Square on March 29, 2017 in Beijing, China. The popularity of bike shares has exploded in the past year with more than two dozen providers now battling for market share in major cities across China. The bikes are hailed as an efficient, cheap, and environmentally-friendly solution for commuters, where riders unlock the stationless bicycles using a mobile phone app, drop them anywhere for the next user, and spend as little as 1 yuan ($0.15) per hour. Given the bikes have several users a day – some of them inexperienced riders who swerve into traffic – they are often damaged, vandalized, or abandoned. Companies like Ofo routinely collect the battered two-wheelers and bring them to a makeshift depot that is part repair shop, part graveyard where they are either salvaged or scrapped. The bike shares are powering a cycling revival of sorts in a country once known as the ‘Kingdom of Bicycles’?. In the early years of Communist China, most Chinese aspired to own a bicycle as a marker of achievement. When the country’s economic transformation made cars a more valued status symbol, the bicycle – a Chinese cultural icon – was mocked as a sign of backwardness. The bike share craze is also a boon for manufacturers who are now mass producing over a million bikes a month to meet demand, and the number of shared bike users will reach 50 million in China by the end of the year, according to Beijing-based BigData Research. Not everyone is cheering the revival though, as municipal officials are drafting new regulations to control the chaotic flood of bicycles on streets and sidewalks. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Things being what they are, the place might you be able to begin? There are a couple of regions in China where cycling is extraordinary to do. Regardless of whether you don’t consider to cycle long separations, a bike is absolutely a brilliant method to investigate a few territories. I will suggest three zones in this article.

  1. Yunnan

Yunnan is for some, first time bike voyagers the main experience. It bodes well since it has a gentle atmosphere, has a lot of difficulties, has the choice to see a portion of the Tibetan culture and you are cycling on elevation yet not on a height unthinkable. Beginning stage in Yunnan is obviously the capital: Kunming, of every single Chinese city, still my top pick.

Yunnan is most popular for the north western corner: Dali-Lijiang-Zhongdian (Shangri-La) and it is this circle numerous cyclist do. Many take the medium-term transport from Kunming to LijIang and begin their adventure to Zhongdian and Dali. It bodes well as Lijiang is anything but difficult to reach and essentially the street from Lijiang to Dali goes down. Be that as it may, you do need to climb!

The Lijiang valley is astounding to do on bike and in Lijiang town you will discover a lot of bike rentals. Suggested for the entire family!

Indeed, even the street from Lijiang to Dali is a great idea to do in spite of the fact that there are choices. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have around 3 weeks, you might not have sufficient energy to accomplish more. Remember that Yunnan is as large as France or Texas.

Elective zones can be the Baoshan zone close to the Burmese fringe, yet regardless of whether you travel by transport or fly in despite everything it requires investment as towns and urban communities are very a long way from one another.

Explorers to Laos would appreciate the ride to Xishuangbana. The old principle street is for the most presently being used for nearby traffic and for the most part not occupied. Lamentably the street is likewise very little updated subsequent to completing the motorway. It takes around 7 to 14 days to cycle from Kunming to Jinghong. I did it multiple times, and each time I appreciated it.

North west Yunnan is for all intents and purposes immaculate by the travel industry. It’s justifiable as there isn’t much astounding to visit. Be that as it may, I did the adventure from Chengdu to Kunming in September, with a considerable amount of downpour. It was at that point too cold to even think about traveling from Chengdu toward the west to Kangding and Litang so I pick this next to no voyaged street. In transit there’s some excellent wonderful views, urban areas and woods to discover. Think about a café that Dracula could have work in Zigong, or the bamboo timberland close Junlian on the outskirt of Yunnan and Sichuan.

Zhaotong is additionally fascinating enough, as is Sonming. Yet, who has ever gone to these spots? Relatively few I can guarantee you and it’s a disgrace.

  1. Yangshuo

Yangshuo, a little town south of Guilin is since long time travelers most loved for explorers all things considered. The most ideal approach to investigate the territory (except if you just need to see Moonhill and a couple of caverns along the mainroad) is …. by bike. Yangshuo is presumably more Shangri-La then Shangri-La (Zhongdian) is. The limestone mountains are spectacular to the point that regardless of whether you couldn’t care less about scenes, you will be still in stunningness. By bike you can cross little ways through the rice fields to significantly increasingly tremendous locales.

Another alternative is to stack your bicycle on a pontoon and cycle once more from where the pontoon drops you. Yangshuo isn’t simply the best alternative for families to be in nature in China, it’s additionally one of the most effortless to reach and investigate territories.

  1. Sichuan

Sichuan is most likely more for the prepared cyclist who has time. There are a few choices. Leshan is an undeniable decision, yet you could without much of a stretch do that by transport/taxi. Numerous cyclist cycle from Chengdu to Tibet, a voyage that throughout the previous couple of years was permitted in the event that you have a license. Right now it is beyond the realm of imagination.

Be that as it may, you can complete an extraordinary 14 days in west Sichuan where you will see as much Tibetan culture as you need. Simply pursue the bearings to Kangding yet as opposed to utilizing the intersection west of the mountains of West Sichuan, go north to Danba and Barkam. This street is only occasionally visited however worth. Not too troublesome as well but rather you may need to camp a night or 2 out.

Another little visited territory lies north east of Chengdu. This is the way to Xian. The initial 100 km out of Chengdu isn’t much fun however then the streets get tranquil. The most marvelous sight here is Guangyuan. It’s one of those “little” enormous urban communities that have little to offer. In any case, simply outside the downtown area in transit north there are Buddhist surrenders for all intents and purposes obscure to generally explorers. These caverns are like Luyang. Perhaps these caverns are somewhat littler yet they are positively worth a visit

Further north you will almost certainly keep heading to Chenggu and from that point to Foping and cross the mountains to Xian. This street is additionally next to no visited. It pursues on the north site a stream that streams practically right to Xian, so it goes right down. On the off chance that you cherish nature, this is your zone.


The primary message for individuals who consider getting a bike in China is thinking about what you need to see and how much time you have. On the off chance that this is your first visit, you might need to visit all the “must visit” locales as the Great Wall, Kunming Lake, Shanghai, Yangshuo Yangtze 3 Gorges Damn and so forth. These destinations merit a visit, no uncertainty. In any case, as China is so huge, there’s significantly more to see. The best counsel I can give is this: pick a territory, go there and cycle there. In all probability it will keep you occupied for half a month. Yunnan can take 2 months without an issue does as well, Sichuan. Yangshuo and the encompassing can without much of a stretch take you seven days to 14 days. Furthermore, these territories are just the highest point of the supposed chunk of ice.

Dwindle van der Lans is a Dutchman who lives nowadays in Sitiawan Malaysia. Following quite a while of voyaging, he cycled from Holland to Malaysia, remained a months in the Middle East, a year on the Indian Subcontinent and 2 years in China in addition to a year in the UK, he settled himself in Malaysia.

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